Over the last two weeks, I’ve been on vacation. I didn’t go anywhere, though. I stayed at home the whole time. I did a bit of curriculum work for the first couple of days, but after that, I put work out of my mind and just relaxed. I had time for programming. I had time to relax. I replaced my beer drinking with tea drinking. I switched from late hours, to getting up at 6AM each morning. I went on long, relaxing runs in the park. It was a great vacation, but it’s over.

Today, I had the afternoon class for first graders, my evening class that’s getting ready for their semester exam, and a parents meeting for a new class that will be starting on Thursday. It was pretty much constant action from 2:30 to 9PM, without any time to go out and eat. It was a bit demoralizing, too. My new class, which I thought would be full was far from it. Only four students are signed up, so far. I was nervous during the parents meeting, due to the small audience. I got through it, but I ran out of material a bit too quickly. I think I need to go into more detail about homework next time.

Anyway, I’m almost sure there will be more kids on Thursday… but it will suck if there aren’t. With only four students, the class will be losing money (except for the fact that I’ll just pay myself less). Finances are a bit tight, so obviously I’m glad to have any students I can get. A class of four is demoralizing, though. Even from an educational standpoint, it’s bad.