Things have been busy again. I’ve been helping Poagao migrate his site to WordPress. It’s been much more difficult helping him migrate than anybody else I’ve helped. Since Google updated Blogger, all the old migration tools are broken. The fact that Poagao’s Journal is six years old, is a Byzantine mix of modern CSS and bronze-age table-based design, and has well over a thousand entries doesn’t help either. My curriculum work is really what’s been keeping me so busy, though.

Writing new lessons has been getting more and more difficult. On one hand, I really want to get my students up the the level where they can start reading some extensive readers as quickly as possible. On the other hand, only one publisher has been willing to share their vocabulary lists with me. Even with that list, it’s getting harder and harder to introduce remaining vocabulary from the list in such a way that it fits into some or another topic. Now, each lesson is a balancing act.

My students have also started a new homework cycle. That means another written test, a translation homework and two more translation tests. Since I’ve gotten a bit behind with my recording, I’ve had to start burning CDs that are incomplete. Once the rest of the lessons for my current CD are done, I’ll have to burn complete versions.

On the good side, my students and parents still seem pretty happy with everything. Obviously, a few of the lazier students would rather be video gaming, but recently, I saw a good sign. There was a Saturday class that couldn’t meet because of a make up class they had at school. I told them we’d have to cancel the class, and the students actually asked the secretary if it could be re-scheduled for Saturday evening.

I have the overall plan in my head, I just have to write it, record it, and stay ahead of my students…