Work is going well. Not astoundingly well, but a solid improvement from a month and a half ago. My student numbers are up, my 3rd semester class has finished reading a 40 page Aladdin book, and I don’t really have any lazy students anymore.

The social life has been good, too. There are definitely some people who have left Taiwan that I miss, but things are good.

In terms of personal study, once again, things are good. I’ve had time to study a bit of Chinese, a bit of Japanese, some philosophy and some finance. I guess being a net-addict has its advantages.

What’s really on my mind though, is a choice. If I sell all my investments, I have an opportunity to start an incubator hedge fund. It would be expensive and it would be risky, but as the 62nd rule of Ferengi rule of acquisition states, “the riskier the road, the greater the profit.”

Since I’m a long-term value investor, running this sort of fund would take about the same amount of time I’m currently spending on researching investments (relatively little), but oh the risk! If my investing performance of the last 6 years is due to skill, then taking things to the next level is the thing to do. If I’ve just been lucky though, I could lose quite a bit by betting that luck will continue.

It’s time for some thinking.