As you may have noticed, my Chinese blog has become completely wrecked over the last couple of weeks. It happened when I restored an SQL backup (made through phpmyadmin). 道聽塗說 became é “è ½å¡—èªª, and all the other Chinese characters (i.e. the whole blog) became similarly corrupted. I’ve tried deleting the whole database and creating a new one. It’s clear that the problem is related to SQL character set encodings, and so I’ve tried importing my .sql backup as a variety of character sets, including Latin-1 and UTF8, but to no avail.

However, I don’t think my blog is irretrievably lost. The Chinese in my .sql backup is readable in UTF8! If you know anything about SQL and have the inclination to help, I’ll get you a copy of it.

The file has to be viewed in UTF8 for the Chinese to display properly and it’s filled with DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 commands. That’s probably what’s causing the problem, but I’m just not familiar enough with SQL to know how to repair it.