John’s officially a bad person. Not only is he a blog butcher, but he’s responsible for me finding out about Desktop Tower Defense, a flash game of crack-like addictiveness.

Desktop Tower Defense has officially made all other work both impossible and pointless. If you something that you need to get done, today, by all means avoid clicking on that link.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

またあの煩い外人(John Biesnecker’s blog): Desktop Tower Defense

Warnings shmarnings. This is one dangerous game. It sucks time from you until you’re nothing but a twitching husk of a person capable only of fantasizing about ever more diabolical mazes. I managed to achieve a total elimination of every creep, though, so take that, John!

(If you happen to get bitten by this addiction, too, you can find my scores on the “China Bloggers” group)