Soon after I moved back into the city this fall, Simon pointed out the “drunken” mosquitoes at the new school. Basically, the place is full of them, but they’re all sluggish and kind of confused looking. In my first month there, I even caught one trying to drink from my sock.

My new apartment is right down the street from the school and it, too, is infested by drunken mosquitoes. Especially while I was moving in, the sheer number of them was just maddening. One day, Yiru was over and had had about as much as she could take. Embarrassed about my place being so full of them, I knew it was time to act. I’m normally not much of a mosquito killer, but I half heartedly took a swing at one on the wall. THWACK! Into a splotch of blood it went! The thing had barely reacted to my swing. Thwack, thwack, slap, slap, clappity whack! Eight more were dead in less than fifteen seconds! Swiff! I caught another, using one hand! Within a minutes or so, the room was empty of them! For a life-long mosquito hater, this area is awesome!