I just got home from the Muddy Basin Rambler’s CD party.

It was pretty fun. I met up with old friends, like Eli “the fraud”, Michael “blogs at the speed of thought” Turton, Angelica “the battlepanda“, Wayne, and Franc. Other bloggers, I hadn’t met before, such as Robert “the red” and Patrick Cowsill were out in force to support TC, David and the rest of the band, too! Meeting them was great, and I even got a chance to catch up with David Reid, who made it up from Xindian to visit. All in all it was a pretty enjoyable evening. The acoustics were definitely lacking, but I think the band did pretty well for themselves.

Franc brought me a very interesting gift from his visit to northern China— North Korean money! I’d never seen it before, and I probably never would have if not for his generosity. It looks very… uh… communist. Photos will be up soon.