After moving my sites to Dream Host, I made some upgrades the Taiwan Blog Feed.

One change is that every user account now has a localized TBF blogging account enabled. The admin blog, for example, is at Another addition is a links directory. The biggest addition I’ve made, though, is style voting. It’s enabled for every blog post aggregated, every link submitted, and every in-site blog entry written. Next to each post, there is now a pair of arrows. If you like a particular post or link, click on the up arrow to vote it up. If you don’t like it, click on the down arrow to vote it down. The all-time highest ranked content can be viewed from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

Aside from being able to vote on individual entries, this system also lets users vote on the quality of an entire blog. Every aggregated post on the TBF has a link titled “source”. Clicking on it will lead to a page for that particular feed, with a node for the blog feed at the top and a list of posts below it. So, if you find that you like a lot of posts from the same blog, you can just follow the source link, see all of its posts, and then vote up the blog itself rather than only voting up individual posts. This allows for an ongoing ranking of blogs by the community.

All blogs:
Top blogs:
Top content:

Since I’ve just implemented the feature, every blog has a popularity of “0 points”. Let the voting begin!