Now that I’m on vacation it’s time to mess around with my site! Unwilling to be restrained by the adequate blogroll feature built into WordPress, I’ve broken free of it’s constraints! Instead of the built in system, I just put all of my links into a separate .php file. Then, I added a PHP include to my sidebar and voila! No more silly little limits about what information I can put into my blogroll. Oh, how I love extensible pieces of software!

For now, I’ve added nifty little boxes next to the names of everyone who uses either or Zooomr. As one might expect, clicking on a next to a name will take you to that person’s Zooomr photos, while clicking on a will take you to that person’s bookmarks.

I’ve also added two more bloggers to my “Taiwan Friends” list. I haven’t actually met either of them, but I’d like to. The first is Gem, a vlogger and avid photographer, and the second is Range, also an avid photographer, and who somehow managed to pump out a hundred posts last month.