Nine students came to my new class today. It’s not a big class, but it’s a relief after having already resolved to push on and teach a class of four at a loss. The class went really well, too. I was able to teach halfway into the second lesson all during the first class. All in all things went better than I’d expected.

Every single time I’ve opened a class, somebody has complained. Most frequently, it’s about the seating arrangements, since I assign seats during the first class. Some parents also complain that I’m too strict, that I’m too picky about pronunciation, that I spend so much time on class control activities, or that I’m spending too much time reasoning with students about why various things we’re working on matter.

Today, there was a minor crisis with one mother who interrupted me during class to say she wanted me to give her son a different seat, and she left soon afterwards. She also complained to the desk on the way out, saying that the class was too easy. Fortunately, when she came back and talked to me after class, I was able to smooth everything out with minimal effort. I explained how the students start rotating seats once they all know each other’s names. Then, I explained that the curriculum moves quickly and showed her her son’s entrance test again. It was smoothed over pretty easily, though I suppose it could have been much worse if I hadn’t talked with her right away.

On the good side, my partner said that parents came out during break time and told the secretary they thought I was a great teacher. And it was all of their own initiative. I’m not sure that’s ever happened on the first day of one of my classes before. What a good feeling that is!