Here’s the mid-2007 update for my portfolio. All the quotes are from the close of June 1, 2007. As usual, I’m not posting my IRA investments.

Stocks I’ve bought since 2005:

SymbolSharesCurrent PriceCurrent ValuePurchase DateCost$ Gain% Gain
MIDD20125.31 2,506.2003/17/20051,061.791,444.41136.0
BWLD4086.013,440.4002/28/20051,500.001,940.40 129.4
BWLD 4086.013,440.4005/05/2005 1,160.002,280.40196.6
UFCS 50 39.81 1,990.5003/28/2005 1,713.00 277.50 16.2
COLM 4070.382,815.2006/30/2005 1,950.80 864.40 44.3
FHR 50 45* 2,250.0008/02/20051,611.50685.5039.6
FLML 80 27.58 2,206.4008/05/2005 1,500.00 706.40 47.1
NTES 80 18.2 1,456.0008/08/2005 1,504.00 -48.00 -3.2
SCSS 90[1] 17.98 1,618.2010/06/2005 1,103.40 514.80 46.7
SNDA 120 28.293,394.8012/19/20052,040.001,354.80 66.4
SNDA 130 28.29 3,677.7002/21/2006 2,025.501,652.20 81.6
SNDA 150 28.294,243.5003/01/2006 2,045.002,198.51107.5
CTRP 10075.31 7,531.0005/02/2006 4,558.00 2,973.00 65.2
CMG 4587.813,951.4502/21/20072,869.741,081.7137.7
TINY 25011.572,892.5005/23/20072,995.99-103.49-3.5

My Annualized Gain: +41.5%
SP 500: +8.2%
Wilshire 5000: +9.0%
Russel 2000: +9.3%


I sold my Amgen shares that I bought before starting this portfolio.

Other holdings

I have a small investment in an index fund and my IRA investments. I carry margin debt, so my portfolio isn’t actually worth the amount listed above.[2].

Looking Back

I feel vindicated about buying 盛大. On the other hand, it pains me that I never did buy any 百度. It was the first company I analyzed on this blog, and I was convinced it was a good investment. Apple has continued to do well since I sold it, but I still think it’s way over valued and that the price will come crashing down as soon as they hit a real setback.

It’s been an entire year since I’ve added any money to my investments. I just turned 29 a few days ago, and I really should be saving something. The problem is, I’m just not earning what I used to. Until business picks up, I may not be adding anything.

Looking Forward

I don’t plan to buy anything more on margin without first selling a stock I already have. This portfolio may get pretty boring unless something comes along that’s so exciting that I’m willing to sell my current investments to buy it.

[1] Due to a 3-2 stock split, I now have 90 shares instead of 60.
[2] I carry a margin balance. That means that I’ve borrowed money to make some of my investments. The liquidation value of my account isn’t actually the total listed above.

Legal Disclaimer: All of the information in this article is accurate to the best of my knowledge. However, I make no guarantee about the accuracy of anything written above. I’m not responsible for any mis-typings, or any other errors in the information. If you purchase any stock solely because I did, you do so at your own risk.

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