Last night, I went to The Beer Factory for the first time. It’s near the intersection of Bādé lù and Jiànguó nánlù. The place was huge, there was good food, and lots of cheap beer. The only downside is that it was all Taiwan Beer. I guess it’s kind of hard to fault them for that, since it’s their factory after all. But, still.

Franc and I headed over there and met up with Wally, but EmKid dissed us. He was busy checking out betel nut stands in Gaoxiong, or something like that. The place was packed. It was pretty big, too. I haven’t seen so many people milling around, eating, and getting drunk since I was in Guatemala. The food went really well with the drinks, too. There were lots of veggies, fish, and side dishes.

Another interesting thing is that the two friends of Wally’s that I met there were ooooold Taiwan-hands. One guy had been here for 12 years, and the other guy had been here for 10, nine of which were spent working as Hess, bless his poor soul. With them and Franc there, Wally and I were nothing more than FOB Taiwan newbies.