This week has been nuts. I’ve alternately gone from thinking so many students would quit that I wouldn’t be able to make rent to thinking that my student numbers just might double over the next few months.

On the parents meeting for my new class, only four came. But on the first day of class, eight students came and I got some very positive feedback from the parents watching. I felt guardedly optimistic… until I found out the next day that two of my better students from my first class had quit right after their semester final. With them gone as well as those who had failed, my first class would be down to seven students. One other student hadn’t paid yet, either. Without him, I’d only have six, plus eight in the new class. In other words, student numbers would be the same, but I’d have four more teaching hours a week. As if things couldn’t get worse, I then found out that for the first time ever, one of my students actually took me up on my generous refund policy and quit my Wednesday-Saturday class.

It was downright depressing to think about how hard I’ve worked, and how little progress if any my part of the school had been making. Worse still, I’ve been doing all this work for only 1/3 of my previous salary while watching my savings slowly dwindle. I felt my stomach churn… it was like a rock was lodged down there, but I steeled myself to keep going and focus on the positive- the students I did have were learning quite a bit, they were improving on all fronts, and they were even having some fun.

Then Thursday came. The kid who I thought might quit my higher level class was there. And then my new class was packed like I’ve never seen the room packed before. Two out of three of the students I flunked out of my higher level class were there. They’d decided to keep studying even though they had to drop down to a new class. Several completely new students came, too. Parents filled every seat in the back of the room. One father was even standing.

The class was great. Even the little boy who couldn’t keep up at all on Monday was doing pretty well. All of the sudden, things were great again. Something tells me that the “churn” isn’t over, though.