Tonight, I was chatting with one of my friends, and he pointed out that my posting frequency has declined. It’s true. I used to have all kinds of things I wanted to write about, and I thought they would be useful for other people. I wrote a lot. Recently, there have been things I’ve wanted write about, but I haven’t felt like they’ve been too appropriate.

There are some things that you’re just not supposed to blog about. Work is one, but I’ve pretty much been free of that restriction. Ron was about the most open minded reasonable boss imaginable, so he had no problems with me writing whatever I felt like about work. Now, I don’t really have any boss at all, so it’s even easier. Obviously, I would be the first to suffer if I wrote anything that hurt the school, but I’m still free of somebody else censoring my blog.

There are still other topics that seem to be off-limits. Specifically, writing about one’s love life is never a good idea. I have at least three aquaintances who have taken down their blogs due to this issue. If you write about the problems you have in a relationship, it will anger your current partner. If you write about how wonderful your partner is, then it may come to haunt you in the future when a future significant other wonders why you haven’t written anything that wonderful about that relationship.

Dating is the obvious blogging minefield, but there’s a much broader constraint: most people avoid writing about anything negative. I guess it’s part of the price of being such social animals. We don’t want to write anything that projects a less than spotless image of ourselves. I, too, have my pride, and I, too, have been affected by this sort of self-censorship.  Obviously everyone has short-comings, but nobody trumpets them.  It’s easy to write about the things one is good at, but the struggles are only recorded after they have been overcome.

I haven’t written as much lately because it’s been a rough several weeks.