Longtime readers of this blog will know well that I’ve never really suggested coming to Taiwan and teaching EFL purely for financial reasons. In fact, I’ve always found it a little hard to believe very many westerners, especially Americans would be able to earn anything like what they could at home. Now that the NT has been weakening against pretty much everything but the US dollar, the situation is a little less rosy for non-Americans as well. Canadians haven’t been hit too hard, but the deal really isn’t as sweet as it used to be for Europeans.

NT per42.262.525.428.7

The average salary for EFL teachers in Taiwan is about $600NT per teaching hour. For most teachers, this means about there’s about half an hour of unpaid prep work for every two hours of teaching. The “real” earnings of a teacher here is about $480 per hour.

Earnings per hourEuroUKAustraliaCanada
600 NT (per class hour)14.229.6023.6520.90
480 NT (real earnings)11.377.6818.9216.72

Considering that teachers rarely teach over 30 class hours per week, this isn’t a lot of money by western standards. Taxes are reasonable, though. Short term teachers have to pay 20%, and longer-term teachers almost pay less (unless they have unusually high earnings). I’m not sure if these taxes are less than what a British person earning 800 pounds a month would have to pay, though. I think Taiwan is still an easier place for teachers to save money than Japan, but it doesn’t compare with working at home quite as well as it used to.