Yesterday was 中秋節, one of the three major Chinese holidays. Just like the other major Chinese holidays, the main focus is eating. This one is particularly good, since you’re supposed to barbecue. It’s kind of like the 4th of July in the US, except that you get to barbecue anytime you want, all weekend!

On Saturday, I had a little “warm-up BBQ”, on Sunday I ate with two of my students and their family (and destroyed them at wii tennis), on Monday I got a surprise invite from Ben to go to his rooftop party, and then yesterday I wussed out and just hit the 2-for-1 Italian special at the Cain. I’m feeling slightly ill from three straight days of drinking like a fish, eating over a pound of barbecued beef, lamb, chicken, octopus, mushrooms, and whatever else came my way… but it’s a very satisfied kind of ill feeling.