The topic of promoting tourism seems to come up pretty frequently in the papers. Due to the fact that it’s an island, and that there are much less expensive options nearby, I don’t really think it’s that likely that Taiwan will ever be a top tourist destination for westerners. It already is a top tourist destination for the Japanese, but the vast majority of its tourism promotion is aimed at westerners. Here is a video from Taiwan’s “Touch your heart” campaign:

In contrast, China’s “China Forever” video is very focused on natural scenery, history and culture:

Korea’s new “Dynamic Korea” is pretty impressive all around:

The Japanese “Yokoso!” (welcome) campaign is split into three separate branches.

Beautiful Japan:

Cool Japan:

Delightful Japan:

Of all of the videos, I think the strongest are Delightful Japan and Dynamic Korea. They really got me to thinking about what exactly I would want to experience as a tourist somewhere.

Hat tip to Fili for digging up the first three videos. He’s also written about Israel’s unique tourism campaign.

John’s observations on Malaysia’s “truly Asia” campaign are worth a read, too.