WordPress 2.1 is out, and I’ve just installed it. It’s actually a much bigger update than I had realized. Here are the biggest changes I’ve noticed:

  • The visual editor is far better than it was before. You can also tab back and forth between the WYSIWYG editor and the code very easily.
  • There’s a spell checker built into the editor. For users of Firefox 2.0, this is superfluous, but for those living in the dark ages and still using IE, it’s a useful feature.
  • WP 2.1 autosaves drafts regularly.
  • Users can now arbitrarily chose any page to be their home page, and display a list of their posts on any other page. I personally spent hours figuring out how to code around the lack of this feature several months ago. Now, it’s easy.

This upgrade is a “must have”.  With it, WP is now more useful as a CMS than ever before. The full list of features is at wordpress.org.