Trip to Hukou

The Bushman’s Blogtoberfest meet-up was pretty fun. The food was great, we did some singing and stayed after the meal chatting for hours. Quite a few people from last week’s meet-up were back, and a few others, too.

It took an hour and a half to get to Hukou, but it was more than worth it to see everyone.

Taipei Blogger Meetup

Byron of texturadesign emailed me this weekend about a group of US tech bloggers hosting a meetup in Taipei.


We’re bloggers based in the US coming to Taiwan to cover the Intel Developer Forum and would like to meetup with Taipei bloggers on Sunday 10/19 for drinks and apps (on us).

They’ll be at in House (台北市松仁路90號), and Byron says they have “goodies” to give away, too!

Light-Bot Recursion

I’ve been playing some flash games recently. Here’s one I kinda like. It’s called light-bot. The goal is to program a robot to move around and light up certain squares. The only things the robot can do are walk forward, turn left, turn right, jump and toggle the light (for whichever square it currently occupies). You can make two functions, but there’s no branching, and the robot has extremely limited memory.
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The Brain Burns Lactate During Exercise

I came across a very interesting article today.

Not only does this finding help explain why the brain is able to work properly when the body’s demands for fuel and oxygen are highest, but it goes a step further to show that the brain actually shifts into a higher gear in terms of activity. This opens doors to entirely new areas of brain research related to understanding lactate’s specific neurological effects.

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology: During exercise, the human brain shifts into high gear on ‘alternative energy’

Very interesting. I had read speculation that the brain could run off of lactate in an emergency, but I’d had no idea it was common during exercise. It’s also interesting to note that the brain operates at a higher level of activity while burning lactate. I wonder if this might play a role in exercise induced neurogenesis.