With my trips to Boston behind me, I was ready to enjoy the weekend with Sonia! But, she had a ton of work to do in the art building. Bummer. Being left to my own devices isn’t usually a problem, but there are a few compounding problems. The biggest two are that I didn’t really have access to anything, including the building where she lives, without a Dartmouth student ID, and that I have no familiarity with the campus. To me, most the buildings pretty much look the same.

So… I decided to help with the Winter Carnival snow sculpture! Right in the middle of “the green”, a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers were busy shoveling snow into huge buckets and putting it onto the mass of snow that will become the sculpture. I walked over, borrowed some gloves and helped them do 20 buckets or so. It was pretty fun and everyone was really friendly when they realized I wasn’t even a student, that I was just some random visitor from Taiwan who decided to pitch in.
Winter Carnival (under construction)

After that, I was freezing. Actually, I was freezing before I started helping. Living in Taiwan has made me a wimp. This was the first snow I’d seen in years, and it must have been at least 10 below outside. With no other ideas of what to do, I headed into Baker Library for the free internet access.

Baker Library

It wasn’t an exciting day, but at least it was a lot less stressful than yesterday was.