While getting dressed for work today, I noticed a new house guest! Right by my wardrobe, there was a gecko!

An Unexpected Guest

Geckos aren’t very big, but they’re great. They clean houses of pests, they don’t bite people like spiders do, and they aren’t nasty like cockroaches.

Meet Geckers

Something was wrong with Geckers, though. l stepped towards him and he didn’t even react. Oh, no! Stuff’s always dying in my apartment. It is nice that the only two cockroaches I’ve ever seen in here have been belly-up, dried up and dead on the carpet, but that’s just not a just fate for such a noble creature as this lizard!

I used to vacuum every couple of weeks, but with the trip to New Hampshire and everything, I let it go for about a month and a half, and my room was just too dusty. With a heavy heart, I went to get a kleenex to use for picking up the dead lizard. I got back to my room and carefully reached for it. It was soft! It reacted a little bit! Geckers wasn’t dead! I hurried to the bathroom for a paper cup, and put a bit of water in it. Then I put one end by Geckers and prodded him gently towards it with the kleenex I was holding in the other. Very slowly, for a gecko, he scrabbled into the cup.

He swished around a bit, and huge clumps of dust came off, but then he just went limp. Yikes. I took the cup out to my patio, and poured the contents, lizard and all, onto the tiles, next to a plant. Slowly, but surely, he dried out in the sun and actually managed to start foraging a bit. An while later, I checked back in a full recovery had been made! He was so startled by the patio screen opening that he ran about three feet up the wall, with the celerity that only a gecko can. Yay!

Geckers up close