I’ve been living abroad for a while, and it’s given me a slightly different view of stuff at home than I’d have if I’d stayed. On my way to Boston I had to stop at a gas station. A couple of things leaped out at me. The first was the price of gas. I remember it was hovering around a dollar a gallon when I left, and but now it’s over three.

The other thing was the sheer size of the drinks. The first thing they made me think of was the movie Idiocracy, but I’m not sure if they were this big even in the dystopian future depicted in that movie. I’m used to the large size being 22oz or something like that. Even drinking the second biggest size drink I saw at the gas station left me feeling like I’d just put my pancreas through a strainer. I mean… who drinks half a gallon of soda in one serving? Seriously…

Idiocracy sized drinks

Update: This video is only vaguely related, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to post it.