It’s already time consuming to calculate annualized returns, but presenting them has taken me far more time than I can afford to spend. Creating HTML tables and populating them with my investment data just sucks. It’s not so bad when presenting the results of a single sale. An update of my entire portfolio, is a different matter.

So, starting now, I’ll be relying on the charts generated by Stockalicious. Here’s one that compares my portfolio performance over the last year to that of the NASDAQ and the SP500.

A rough year
As Investor Blogger pointed out, I’ve been “treading water”. It’s true. The Toshuo Portfolio has fallen by about 3% over the last year. The market as a whole, though, has suffered far worse. Over the same time period, the SP500 and NASDAQ each fell by over 20%.

Yeah, I've crushed the market!

The two-year chart is much more dramatic– 60% growth for the Toshuo Port while the market indexes were in the negative.

In the future, I plan to use Stockalicious to do portfolio recaps. It saves quite a bit of time, and takes care off all the error-prone calculations for us.