Tonight TC came over to my place to pick up some of his stuff that had been left at my apartment since long before I moved in there myself. He had a tripod, and some random other filming stuff to take, and I also gave returned all the books he’d lent me over the last couple of years. That was my mistake.

Somehow, we stumble across an extra copy of Crytonomicon, which I am currently in the process of reading. He picks it up, thumbs through it and says, “Geez, it’s all in the simple present tense!”.

“What could he be talking about?” I say to myself. I pick up the book and look at a random paragraph. I turn the page. I look at another. Then the realization sinks in… Neil Stephenson writes vast tracts of text entirely in the simple present tense. I try to read another page. It bothers me. It sucks.

TC ruins Neil Stephenson.