I went back to Colorado to see my friends and family this summer. It was a great vacation and it really gave me a lot of things to thing about. So much in fact, that every time I’ve started going over my diary I’ve gotten lost in thoughts before transferring any of them online. This has to go up today, though.

My dear friend and former roommate Matt Ball is running up a mountain. This is the same guy who helped get me interested in both poker computer science over a decade ago, the same guy who used to wake me up at 5:30 am and ask if I felt like riding over to the pool for a swim before work or if I was a wuss, the guy who used to do easy 15 mile runs with me on the weekends and split a 3 pound Beau Jo’s pizza with me afterwords.

He ran a marathon a few years back, but this task is much, much more ambitious. This run is up a mountain called Pike’s Peak, one of Colorado’s 50-some “fourteeners”. For those not used to measuring mountains in feet, that’s an elevation of about 4,300 meters. I’m not sure exactly how much the altitude gain is during the run, but it’s a lot.

Pike's Peak from Colorado Springs, by David Shankbone

Be safe buddy and enjoy the clean air!