Due to the horribly expensive and horribly limited visas China offers Americans, I’m going to have to leave the country and make a visa-run. Or maybe I should say, passport-stamp run. I spent over two hundred US dollars getting a visa from an agency in HK and despite my previous visitor visa to China, the best they were able to get me was a 6 month, multiple-entry visa. Unfortunately, while it’s good for six months, I have to make a pointless trip out of the country every thirty days. As a nice additional FU, nearly half the price of a plane ticket to do so is from taxes on international flights.

Living at my friend’s place in Kunming, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam are the closest options. Vietnam is also a pain in the ass about American visas and unlike China I don’t want to go there enough to put up with it. Laos is where my old teacher and friend PR lives, but it’s a pretty rough border crossing and I can’t find a cheap flight.

I’m going to Thailand. It’s not going to be for tourism at all, but hopefully I can find some size 12 running shoes there.