It’s possible that TEFL is still what I have the most expertise in and in particular it was my focus on phonics that was quirky, different and actually got real world results for a lot of my former students. This certainly isn’t the easiest system to market to most people who enroll in classes at schools that teach English as a foreign language. I should know since I used to be a partner at one and was responsible for both curriculum development and selling the parents of my students on that curriculum! But after having taught over a thousand students, many from absolute basics, I’m pretty happy with the results.

I’m no longer an English teacher since I’ve moved back to the US, drawn by the lure of the San Francisco bay area tech scene. But maybe there will be some other EFL teachers in Taiwan, China or even Korea, Japan, Latin America or elsewhere that can pick up a few things and some kids can benefit indirectly from me sharing it. It’s an experiment. I’ll try to deliver a short video each week and see how it goes. If they’re of any use, please give me feedback and subscribe to them and/or like them.

In this first video, I explain a little bit about how I did phonics drills and go over the first spelling pattern I taught– long vowel sounds in the middle of a word.

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