There’s one thing I’ve done a lot of while working at a platform for EDU iPhone/iPad apps and that’s playing educational apps. I’ve played dozens, if not hundreds of games designed to teach children ABCs or basic arithmetic. I’ve flipped through an equally formidable number of storybook apps, including some recreations of my childhood favorites. A lot of the apps have really been disappointing, but a few gems have stood out.

One of my favorites is a math app called Space Math. After it won the SmarTots Quest for the Best educational app contest, I had a chance to help the designer, Reese, add some more features to its newest version. In thing that I found interesting was the contrast between him and many of the other app developers I’ve worked with. While many others were either large companies converting various properties from browser-based flash programs to iOS or business people hiring outsourcers to make a variety of apps, Reese was a one-man hobbyist shop. More interestingly, his full-time job is teaching math to high school students and his app was driven partially by his experiences with some his students arriving to high school with weak foundations in more elementary math. As a former teacher who was drawn to build things to help my students, I find it very easy to empathize with him!

Here is the first version of the screencast I made to help promote his work: