General Language Learning Pieces

I’ve written a number of pieces about language learning. Some are my personal experiences and others are about language learning techniques or tools. Below are some of the more popular ones:

My Language Learning Experiences
Chinese Perakun
Learn a language by taking advantage of “hidden moments”
Chinese Tones
Learning with Chinese Blast
Steve Kaufmann – Bilingual Interview in Taiwan
Anki Spaced Repetition Learning System

Many other entries in the Language Learning category of my blog are likely to be useful for language students.


Podcasts are (usually) free MP3s that you can download over the internet. The CSL podcast directory has links to dozens of MP3s that teach Chinese as a second language. If you find you enjoy the podcasts at a given site, then go there and download a lot of them.

The Chinese textbook reviews, and my online Chinese tools may also be useful for students.