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Tag: Backdorm_Boys

The backdorm boys have released another video, and here it is. Tian took his copy down, so I linked to a different one.

In this video, the 後舍男生 (The Backdorm Boys) cover a song called 不得不愛, or “Irresistible Love”. I’ve been hearing it quite a bit on the radio recently, especially when riding in cabs. 黄艺馨, the guy on the left, puts on a performance sure to give even mildly homophobic viewers the creeps. Still, it was a well done cover. I’ve written about the Back Dorm Boys before.

Back when I was in college, my friends who didn’t like the Backstreet Boys always (basically all of the guys) called them the “Backdoor Boys”. Well, here’s a mockery of them gone too far… Allow me to introduce 后舍男生 (hòu shè nán shēng) or, the “Backdorm Boys”. Be sure to notice the poor “ood roommate out” trying to use his computer in peace at the back.

This is the funniest one I saw.

Here’s another:

And yes, they sing in Chinese too:

This one has sort of a Chinese Marlon Brando thing going…


If you want to see more, Tian’s got it at his site.