Today, I received an email from John at sinosplice. He’s been living and blogging in China for a few years and is now a grad student, studying linguistics at 华师大 in Shanghai. Very cool! Unfortunately, he had some bad news for me. Blogger is blocked in China, and therefore it’s a pain for people in China to see my site. Many Taiwan bloggers wouldn’t really care about whether or not their sites were accessible from China, but I do.

I’m interested in Chinese culture as a whole, not just Taiwan. Some topics I write about, such as Baidu are not very well understood in Taiwan. Despite the fact that it’s the 5th most used web site in the world, set a NASDAQ IPO record, and it’s “China’s google”, I’ve met quite a few Taiwanese people in the tech industry who haven’t even heard of it. For topics like these, I really want input from people living in the mainland. Not to mention, bloggers in mainland China are far more likely to be interested in what I have to write than bloggers in Korea, bloggers in Japan, or bloggers anywhere else outside of Taiwan are.

I guess I’ll have to get my own hosting eventually, and make sure it’s with a company that can make my site accessible from China. That means my URL will have to change, which kind of sucks. I don’t want to break everybody’s links. I’ll keep this up on blogger and make sure it points to my new address after I move. The question is, what should I call my blog? As I said in my very first post, I pretty much picked “Doubting to shuo” on a whim. I think the name is hard to remember, both for Chinese speakers and English speakers, and it probably sounds a bit stupid to bilingual people. Originally, I’d wanted “daotingtoshuo”, but some Singaporean guy has a blogger blog of that name (which he’s NEVER posted to, grrr). Any advice? Stick with weird name? Switch to something easier to remember?