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Tag: drinking

Tonight, Poagao came over and we worked on the layout for his new web page. It took some time, but I think it looks way cooler than it did before. Now, the monkey statue looks like it means business. It’s a bit hard to describe, so here’s a screen-shot:
He also showed me a photo that drives home all the complaints I’ve been hearing about HDR photography. Not only did it look like it was a painting done by some 18th century Frenchman high on absinthe, but I couldn’t even recognize that it was a shot taken from my own apartment, a view I see every day.
Around ten, we headed over to the Beer Factory and met up with the same group as last time, plus a few others. EmKid made it this time, too. It was another great Friday.

(For those of you who can’t wait for the answer, it’s wulong tea.)
Today, I stumbled across a page called Tea From Taiwan, via Angelica’s blog. At first glance it seemed to be suffering from a serious case of over optimizing for search engines. Search engines from 1997, that is. On the home page, I saw the word “oolong” fifteen times, “wulong” 17 times, including the title, and a couple of “wu longs” and an “wulung”. If only search engines still rewarded web masters for this sort of thing!

oolong vs wulongFortunately, there’s a page to clear up any confusion that comes from being alternately bombarded with “oolong” and “wulong”. Unfortunately, the page is about as misinformative as is possible in such a small space.
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Yesterday was my first whole day in Shanghai, and it was awesome. After showing late the night before and crashing at John’s place, I was psyched enough about finally being here that I was still able to get up pretty early. John had a final in the morning, but after he got back from that, he showed me around the subway system a bit, and we grabbed some lunch. After that, he took me over to the Chinese Pod studio to check the place out. It was quite a bit different than I expected, but still very neat. continue reading…

Tonight, I went to the only non-creepy bar in town and learned a fun drinking game with dice. It’s called 吹牛, and it’s basically a Chinese version of Bullshit. Here’s how it works: continue reading…