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Tag: iDrone

Matt has republished some of our best iDrone posts:

Writing an accumulator generating function in Ruby (Mark Wilbur)
Thoughts on the Subset Sum Problem (Matt Ball)
On Google’s Evilness (John Pasden)
The Perfect Programming Language (Matt Ball)

We had some serious geekery going there while it lasted.

For the first time in a few weeks, I have a little bit of free-time, and I don’t feel like going outside, either. Typhoons have that effect on me.

I’ve been thinking about pruning my blog. This blog is a mish-mash of personal entries, ideas I’ve been thinking about, news, and other things. Some posts are more transient than others. Posts such as NY Teacher of the Year Against School or Geeky, but Efficient: Firefox Tweaks are just as relevant now as they were when I wrote them. Others, such as iDrone isn’t dead, are completely useless (especially considering that iDrone is dead).

A part of me resists the idea of deleting anything, but a louder voice tells me that sometimes more is less. I’m not sure how extensive it will be, but the pruning begins soon!