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I went to KFC with a buddy today. Their new 雞肉捲’s not too bad, BTW. Anyway, we heard the new Chinese cover of Madonna’s Material Girl, 拜金女郎. The Chinese version’s catchier, somehow. .. especially the part where it goes “yīnwèi wŏ zhīīīīīīīīīdào zhè shìjiè luànqībāzāo!” Today, I heard the song at this site. After that link dies, you can just find the song on Baidu. On the mainland the name has been changed to 拜金女孩.

品味要好 檔次 名牌最重要
手工打造 行銷 別人買不到
花光  什麼想要
別人看見 驕傲 女主角

因為知道 男人眼光 所以更加注意容貌
因為知道 什麼辦不到 大家有錢

身材美妙  韓國買得到
領導潮流 講究調 法國
帶領時尚 追求 鈔票
別人看見 驕傲 女主角

因為知道 世界亂七八糟 所以更加注意容貌
因為知道 有錢什麼辦得到 大家有錢

聽聽那邊唱歌就是 聽聽也沒有
聽聽那邊唱歌就是 聽聽也沒有

真愛美妙 真心 買得到

因為知道 什麼辦不到 大家有錢
因為知道 什麼辦得到 大家有錢

什麼辦不到 大家有錢
因為知道 什麼辦得到 大家有錢

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I’ve encoded some more KFC commercials, and unlike the last KFC commercial I posted, these don’t require too much Chinese to enjoy. There’s only one relevant line, and I translated it.

Army Video:

The one with the teacher, the boss, and the president:

Translated directly, “您真內行” means, “You’re really on the inside line.” Enjoy.

豪情壯志 (háoqíng zhuàngzhì) is a Chinese saying that means “heroic sentiment and robust determination”. KFC’s Slogan is 豪情壯翅 (háoqíng zhuàngchì), or “heroic sentiment and robust wings!”

KFC is about the best advertiser in Taiwan. Heck, they’re getting free advertising from me, they’re so funny! I don’t really feel like translating the whole commercial though, so if you don’t find it funny just pass it along to a Chinese friend. That way somebody will enjoy it besides just me.