Whatever demented individual who came up with the Taiwanese recipt lottery should be shot. There isn’t a single more evil institution anywhere. No matter how many times I tell myself that “playing lotteries” is stupid and that I want no part in it, it does no good.

At 7-11
Me: 發票不用.
店員: 你可以完lottery啊. 上次我中了! …一千塊ㄝ!
Me: 好吧.

Since everybody’s automatically over-taxed, and part of the sales tax revenues go into the recipt lottery, I get lottery numbers and a chance to win every time I buy anything at any legal business. Sure, I’ve decided it’s not even worth my time to count the recipts, but I still can’t make my self throw them out when any one of them just might be worth two million bucks.

Late at night:
Me: (thinking) Hmm… I guess I should get to bed.
Recipt: Psst! It’s getting a little crowded here in the recipt drawer! You should check to see if we’re winners.
Me: I’m tired. Leave me alone.
Recipt: You only have until the the 5th, and then we all expire.
Me: So?
Recipt: Remember that one student at Shida who had the recipt to win the grand prize, but didn’t realize it until 2 days after the lottery?
Me: Buzz off! That’s just an urban myth. Besides, I never win anything.
Recipt: You won $200 台幣 last time, and I might be worth $2 million…
Me: Arrgh! Fine, fine, FINE!

Then, whenever a deadline is approaching, or whenever I just get too sick of having so many damned recipts on the shelf, I just can’t take it anymore. Then, I waste an hour counting them all. Here’s a pick of my desk during that process last week:

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How much did I win this time? Nothing.