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Tag: pronunciation

There are two common ways “ow” is pronounced in words? Sometimes it’s like an “ou” sound as in “town” and other times it’s a long O sound as in “low”. Can you think of any pattern that could help students guess at the pronunciation in words they haven’t learned yet? There is no rule that works 100% of the time, but there is a pattern that holds for over 90% of the time!

Have a look at these words:

cow know shower throw pillow
tow town escrow elbow bestow

I intentionally put an exception to the pattern in there to throw you off! Can you still spot the pattern?

Y is an inscrutable letter. It can be a vowel or a consonant. Its pronunciation changes radically based on where it is in a word. Last time, I covered the pronunciation of a vowel plus Y at the end of a word. I didn’t tell you how to pronounce a Y in the middle of a word, though. And what about just a Y at the end of a word, with no vowel in front of it? How do you know when a Y has a long E sound as in “lofty” and when a Y has a long I sound as in “sky”?

And no, I was not under the influence of any controlled substances. Sometimes sleep deprivation makes life fun!