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I just finished editing my interview with Shannon Kennedy for Lingsprout. Unlike my last few interviews which were focused tutorials, this one was just a story. It’s not that she wouldn’t have something great to teach. She does and she teaches it on her site Eurolinguiste, but her story is just epic.

As a music student, she had some language learning requirements and just took them really seriously. She simultaneously learned multiple languages to a B level (which is European for “intermediate/able to get by”), and then went on to take on other languages such as Mandarin that aren’t even required of classical musicians.


Check it out here: A story of learning two languages at once

Do you know the three ways to pronounce “ed”? How can you help your students figure out which words are pronounced with which?

Have a look at these words:
walked, used, hated, loved, coughed, stopped, hugged, loaded

Do you see a pattern that you can use to tell how to pronounce the ending “ed”? This video goes over that pronunciation pattern, and then it goes on to cover a very similar one for words that end in “s”. Finally I talk a bit about my language learning experiences and about using L1 in the classroom.